Rappahannock Rosin




Wm Mason II Violin Shop is pleased to announce their new product Rappahannock Rosin.

Formerly produced in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania at the Chimney’s Violin Shop it sold under the name The Chimney Rosin for Violin and Cello. With the closing of the Chimney’s Violin Shop in April 2019, the recipe has been handed to Bill Mason of Wm Mason II Violin Shop.

Rappahannock Rosin is produced in-house in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

From the producer, Bill Mason

My journey into the world of violin making began in 2004 at the Chimney’s Violin Shop where I attended their apprenticeship program under the guidance of Edward C. Campbell. It was 4 years of intense training in the trade that I have base Wm Mason II Violin Shop.

15 years have gone by. Ed Campbell passed away in 2015 and with that the Chimney’s Violin Shop has recently closed its doors, Ed had two things that he guarded and did not share – his peg compound and his rosin recipes. But in the end, in addition to the knowledge of violin making that he passed on to me, I am the sole owner of the rosin recipe and equipment to continue this tradition that began in the 1960s.

With its new home in Virginia we are proudly producing the same rosin under the name Rappahannock Rosin made in Fredericksburg, VA, U.S.A.

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