Audition for FCMI

Perform a piece of music from any one of the Suzuki Books or from the standard repertoire of your instrument. If the work is multi-movement concerto, please perform the exposition of the first movement. The recording should be at least 1-minute long, and no longer than 5 minutes. Please do not play an orchestra piece as your audition.

  • clearly label the file name with the students name
  • Only upload mp3, mp4, .mov, .wav

Audition Sheet Music

Audio recording tips

If you do not have access to audio recording equipment, Most smart phones have some sort of audio recording ability. On an Apple phone, you can use the app “VOICE MEMOS”. On an Android device, download a free app on the app store and record using that app.

  • Please place the microphone facing the instrument about 3 feet away
  • Please perform in a noise-free environment so that the instrument is the only thing heard on the recording.
  • Make sure you are just recording audio. If you are also recording video, the file will be too large to send.
  • Please do not edit the audio file in any way.

Ready to Audition?

Please submit your audition recording with your application for the next FCMI semester. Good luck!

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